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We are parents to our 4 year old son Harvey, (lisa on the left, Sarah on the right)

We think life is too short to wait until we retire to ‘live our dreams’, so we have decided that in 2020 we will pack up our lives and set sail to explore, starting with the Mediterranean. We plan to home school Harvey and take as long as we want (and can afford) to explore the world on our 32ft Yacht.

On this site we will be writing about our preparations, excitement, planning, worries and just general life I suppose, in preparation for setting sail, a blog to record our travels when 2020 FINALLY comes around, and also some practical information about places we visit, experiences we have and ‘how to’ guides.

I hope you enjoy reading about our lives in preparation to leave it all behind.  You will find Lisa’s blog on ‘the reluctant sailor page’ and sarah will be contributing some more practical information / advice / how to guides in the section ‘Sarah’s Blog’.

If you like what you read and would like to get notifications when we add new posts, please click the link on the right and follow our adventures 🙂 we will be happy to receive any comments or questions too!

Let the adventure begin!

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